Flex 1


Modular system, simple and fast assembly.

Open joint, visible fastening.

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Simple. Modular. Fast.



Tech meets architecture with Fullflex.

Our ventilated facade system is flexible, making it easy to create smooth, precise, and durable surfaces.


Sharp Edges, Up Close and Personal.

Flex 1 makes it easy to create precise edges. Our all-aluminum profiles ensure everything connects perfectly at right angles.


Mechanical Precision in Every Joint.

The joint in Flex 1 is horizontally closed. The crossbars, specifically designed, act as a shelf to relieve weight from the brackets.


Flawless Joints, No Room for Error.

Flex 1 lets you shrink slab gaps down to just 3 mm, making your facade sleek and modern.


Easy-to-insert clips for super-fast setup.

Flex Clips are designed to slide easily in dedicated tracks. This feature gives you more flexibility in aligning the finishing slabs with the vertical supports.

Pick your Clips in the color that’s just right for you.

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Fullflex Predictive Strap.

The Fullflex strap serves as the core component of the Flex 1 system. Designed for effortless yet secure placement on all vertical supports, it ensures rapid and precise alignment of finishing slabs, maintaining consistently straight joints over time.

Reference notches help guide you while you’re putting it all together.

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Customize Your Flex with a Range of Combinations and Finishes.

Select the ideal pattern and finish to meet your specific needs.

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The Fullflex substructures are perfect for any support.

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