Flex 5


Built for Excellence.

Closed joint, hidden fasteners.

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Elements Engineered for Long-lasting Durability.



Change the Size, Keep the Concept.

Flex 5 modules come with a versatile rear frame that adapts to any size, while the steadfast hold of the Flexpin anchors ensures exceptional performance across the entire panel.


Flawless Gaps Without Room for Error.

Flex 5 gaps are predefined during the design phase, and their meticulously milled interlocks make the entire system modular and self-assembling.


Mechanical-Grade Performance.

Each individual module interlocks with its neighbor, endowing both the finishing slab and the entire system with superior resistance to stress and strain.


Sealed Joint: Strong and Stylish.

The Flex 5 system features a sealed joint, adding the perfect depth to your facade while highlighting the sophistication of the finishing slab. It also enhances ventilation within the cavity, boosting overall performance.


Compatibility, Flexibility, Simplicity.

The Flex module is designed for ultimate flexibility and is equipped with M8 fittings. Its perimeter allows for easy attachment of any accessory using M8 screws.


Flexpin: The Heart of Flex 5.

Flexpin is a cutting-edge mechanical anchor for your finishing panel, ingeniously designed to seamlessly blend Flex technology with the exquisite design of your finishing slab.

Tensile Strength on 6mm Porcelain Stoneware: Up to 100 Kg/Pin

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Think Big.

No thickness limitations, no size constraints. We create Flexpin anchor slots in large-scale, thin slabs, ensuring superior structural integrity.

Minimum Workable Thickness: 6mm, Maximum Workable Dimensions: 320×160 cm


The Universal Solution for Any Support System.

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Customize Your Flex with a Range of Combinations and Finishes.

Select the ideal pattern and finish to meet your specific needs.

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